Brunswick True Motion

Brunswick True Motion

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The True Motion combines our retro True Urethane coverstock with our Magnitude 035 Low Diff symmetrical core to create a True Urethane motion from the past.

Color: Black Solid

Coverstock: True Urethane

Core Design: Magnitude 035 Low Diff

Finish: 500/1,000 Siaair Micro Pad

Hook: 90

Length: 80

Available in 12-16 LBS

16lbs Rg: 2.509 Diff: .035

15lbs Rg: 2.521 Diff: .035

14lbs Rg: 2.537 Diff: .035

13lbs Rg: 2.574 Diff: .040

12lbs Rg: 2.597 Diff: .040